Due to circumstances beyond our control, some exhibitor locations may have changed from what is depicted here.

Hover mouse on the map

If you move the mouse over the map on the left side of the window, one of two things will happen. As you hover over a spot you will see the name of the exhibitor that occupies the booth or you will see a small business card view of the exhibitor. If there is a small business card, you can left click the spot, another window will open up and you will be directed to that exhibitors web site

Show Categories

On the right side of the window there is a check box near the top. By checking one or more categories, exhibitors that match those categories will be highlighted on the map. Each category has a different colour. Check as many categories as you want. The mouse can be moved to the map and behave as described on the left panel.

Use the directory

Below the Show Category check boxes is a directory. If the mouse touches the directory a list of exhibitors by category will drop down. You can use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down. The categories act like toggle switches. If you click on a category, the exhibitor list for that category will either drop down or disappear. You can also click on the A-Z symbol at the top of this box. This will list every exhibitor in alphabetical order. There is also a search box where you can type the first few letters of an exhibitors name. By selecting one of the results, that exhibitor will highlite on the map