Live Streaming info

Achieve Real-Time, Real Engagement with Live Streaming Video

The Stratford Home & Leisure Show is Live Streaming this year and you have the opportunity, to be featured!
If you would like to go LIVE in an ‘Interview Style Live Stream’ (think Breakfast Television) before the Home & Leisure Show
– there are only a few spots available (less than 10 !)
IT’S ONLY $250 (The Price of is REGULARLY $500 – this is WIN! WIN)

Here’s How It Works:

Melissa Schenk will contact you in advance to prep you for your live stream which would last approx. 10 minutes at the location/time of your choice. This will be part of 10 Live Streams before the show featuring the ‘Top 10 Reasons to attend the Home & Leisure Show’. However – this gives YOU & YOUR BUSINESS an opportunity to ‘Show & Tell’ on location – ie. in your showroom for example giving your customers a glimpse of what to expect / and anything else you want to feature or focus on.

BONUS: The Stratford Home & Leisure Show Marketing Committee is also going to include:

– A Pre-Promotional Ad will be created for you to use online – to pre-promote the date/time of your live stream. We will also pre-promote this for you using our feed.
– You will be provided with a Best Practices Guide to Live Streaming / (how to use your live stream / and successfully engage with your audience) from Melissa
– To Increase further engagement the Stratford Home & Leisure show will also be Targeting a $50 Boosted Facebook Ad to promote your live stream
– In addition, there will be a $25 Give Away, encouraging viewers to SHARE the Live Stream. Viewers will be entered in to a draw and a winner will randomly be selected.

NOTE: Businesses will have the opportunity to give something away of their choice / and if they don’t wish to offer anything, a $25 Gift Certificate to a restaurant etc. will be used in its place.